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About Mid Mornings 

Mid-morning is where the conversation can go in any direction. It's possible to talk about anything... and we often do.
Pippa, Jonathan, Colin and Bob are experts at getting people to explain how they see life and why they do what they do.
We also spend a fair bit of the morning looking sideways at the world and saying "Huh?"

The Team:

PhiliPpa Sawyer

Philippa spent 20 years in business before retraining in radio production. She has worked in many community stations as a presenter, producer and trainer. Philippa also produces audio for businesses to use on the web and social media.

Jonathan Pagden

Jonathan's first voice job was a book review on the radio at the age of eight, and he has been talking while pressing buttons for his entire working life. He has had experience as a radio presenter, TV sound supervisor, live sound engineer and musician. Along the way he has presented mid-morning on Radio Leeds and Radio Cleveland, had one solitary appearance on Radio 2, played bass at the Albert Hall and done studio sound for the very first series of Masterchef.

Colin Besley

Started at Wycombe Hospital Radio when he was 16. 2 seasons ground announcing at Adams Park now at IRN reading the classified football results (enjoy when East Fife play Forfar) and news reports with 10 years of Wycombe local radio in between

Bob Johnson

He's back! 

From the age of seven Bob started presenting radio shows in his bedroom, interviewing his Mum, Dad and anyone else he could persuade to get behind a microphone.

The experience stood him in good stead as he worked at LBC for 15 years and now volunteers at Wycombe Sound where he has already tried his hand at presenting Breakfast for a year.

He loved the experience but not so much the 5 am starts and so is delighted to now be presenting a show which won't make him feel quite so jet-lagged.