Have you ever stood in a cinema foyer, gazing up at the films on offer and thought “I have no idea what to watch, if only there was someone who could help me!!”

Well, Wycombe Sound has the answer for you. Every Monday night at 7pm, on Wycombe Sound, Duncan, Tobi, Mason and Luke present Monday Movies – a 60-minute round-up of what’s happening in the world of the silver screen. They count down the box office top ten, dissect some of the week’s film news and review the big new films heading to Wycombes cinemas. All in all, everything you need to complement your weekly trip to the movies. 

D: Please be aware that other peoples opinions on films are available, but they are wrong!

T/L: You will get used to it..


Listen Again

Duncan Stripp

Duncan has been speaking since he was 3 years old – and people have been trying to shut him up since he was 4. (We are really trying)

However, Duncan isn’t going to let that stop him. (Sadly)

With a love for radio from a very early age he joined Hospital Radio at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital in his teens. While working for Blockbuster Video (remember them?) he did the voiceover for their radio and TV ads as well as the ones for their sister company Xtravision in Ireland Not only does Duncan present Monday Movies he presents the Sunday Breakfast Show!

Luke Davis

Luke has been with Wycombe Sound from day one. He is Station Manager, one of the Directors and can usually be found frantically running around WycSo Towers. You can also catch him on Monday Movies and on The Coffee Lounge and Rob L'Esperance Show on Saturdays!
Outside of Wycombe Sound Luke can be found listening to *music, going to the cinema and eating.

*over 11,464 minutes in 2019 according to a certain streaming site...

Tobi Stubbs