89% of the UK population tune in to radio every week*

Why Wycombe Sound?

Right place, right time
Radio ads can be run at just the time when people are most ready to take in the message.
– A leisure centre’s membership deal on a Friday night
– A car dealership’s latest offer at drivetime
– A shop promoting a weekend special on a Saturday morning

Radio can be fast and flexible

Business conditions can change fast, and radio is well set up for that. Production is quick and relatively lowcost, and this allows local advertisers to put out just the right message at the right time. This flexibility works particularly well for events, special deals, flash sales, product updates, public announcements and much more.

The listeners keep listening during the ads

It’s easy to skip the ads on TV and in newspapers, but people just don’t avoid radio ads in the same way and will hear the ads regardless of whether they think they are in the market or not.

Radio is friendly!

The conversational sound of radio means listeners often describe their favourite radio station as a friend, and advertisers can use this to change the way local people think of them. This works very well for sponsorship and promotions, “thanks to our friends at XYZ”.

Just one click

20% of internet users are also listening to the radio (Clark Chapman Research 2006). These listeners hear a web address just when they’re sitting at their computer and can go to the website immediately.

Long-term awareness

Small businesses can be identified with their product through radio advertising. Because messages are repeated more often and heard more often, the listener thinks of the advertiser first when they’re ready to buy.

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