Listen Again: Election Coverage 2019

Over the 2019 election period, Wycombe Sound aired two-panel discussions with the Wycombe and Beaconsfield candidates and one to ones with the candidates 

Election Night Coverage

Listen back to our Election Night coverage hosted by Bob Johnson joined in the studio by Cheryl Tissot, Cllr Mark Shaw and Pippa Sawyer with Chris Phillips, Keith Higgins, Clare Sherman, Mimi Harker, Craig Kahlefeldt at the counts

Panel Discussion

Wycombe Candidates Discussion Panel:
Beaconsfield Candidates Discussion Panel:

Wycombe One to One Interviews

Ed Gemmell - Independent
Khalil Ahmed - Labour
Steve Baker - Conservative
Julia Wassell - Wycombe Independents
Toni Brodelle - Liberal Democrats
Peter Sims - Green Party

Beaconsfield One to One Interviews

Alexa Collins - Labour
Zoe Hatch - Green Party
Adam Cleary - Independent
Dominic Grieve - Independent
Joy Morrissey - Conservative

Schedule & Order

Starting on Monday 2nd December at 6 pm our election coverage begins with our two discussion panels with the Wycombe and Beaconsfield candidates. Join Bob as we ask your questions and hear from the people that are battling for your vote in the general election. Each candidate was given 3 minutes to make an opening statement, the order was picked out of a hat and that order was used for the opening statement, the 1 minute closing statement and the order that used for the one to ones and the list below.
*Toni Brodelle for the Liberal Democrats was unavailable to join us for the panel discussion due to illness

Tuesday – Friday
For the rest of the week join Bob for the one to one interview with the candidates for Wycombe and Beaconsfield were they will be discussing Brexit, NHS and Homelessness and other topics plus learning a bit more about the candidates. The order was picked from a hat. Vijay Srao for UKIP has been invited but has yet to confirm.