Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Passes Go for Monopoly High Wycombe

More than 5,000 nominations poured in for High Wycombe charities to feature on the town’s brand new official Monopoly board – and the first of these charities (indeed the very first organisation) to ‘Pass GO’ on the town’s new official board has been announced…

The charity is… Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, which topped a public vote for three High Wycombe charities to feature in the game on the board’s three Community Chest spaces.

And it’s apt as the most popular Monopoly token since the game was invented back in 1935 is the famous Scottie Dog.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a nationally known charity and is based at its High Wycombe training ground on Wycombe Road in Saunderton at one of its two puppy training centres.

Speaking to Wycombe Sound, Head of marketing, David Robson says everyone at the charity is pleased to be included

The charity added “At Hearing Dogs for Deaf People we want to see a time when no deaf person in the UK feels alone,”

“We’re delighted to have made it onto the board. Our dogs are life-changing – and we are very excited at this opportunity to raise more awareness for our charity.

“High Wycombe residents have always been extremely supportive of our work and we are thrilled this has been recognised further with the result of this vote. Also, many establishments are incredibly hospitable to us and our precious puppies-in-training, warmly welcoming us into their cafes and premises. A huge thank you to everyone for all your wonderful support.”

The charity has created more than 2,500 hearing dog partnerships since it was founded in 1982. This year is its 40th anniversary. “What a wonderful birthday present this is for us,” a

Afolabi Omotola, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK – who are producing the game under licensing from Hasbro – says:

“A huge congratulations to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who topped our charity poll.

“Three High Wycombe charities are each getting to feature on the boards three Community Chest locations. 

“The response from the public was overwhelming and thank you to everyone who sent in nominations.

“There were more than 5,000 votes specifically for charities.

“And around double that number generally for landmarks in the town.

“The game will be out in October in time for this Christmas. The other charities featuring in the game will be revealed then.