The Sport Show: Bucks and Milton Keynes Awards

The 13th annual Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Awards took place on Thursday 22nd November at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury. Wycombe Sound, in the guise of Melanie Perry & Keith Higgins were invited to attend and they recorded interviews with the winners of awards from the Wycombe area as well as the special guests.

Many thanks to Kirsty Ingram from LEAP, the event organisers who invited Melanie & Keith to attend. Big thanks also to Steve Cohen for his support for us on the evening.

The interviews in sequence, the award they won and the interviewer are:


Volunteer of the Year:  Sarah Prior – Wycombe Hockey Club


Group of the Year:  Marian Holmes – Wycombe Squash & Racketball Club


Project of the Year:  Cancer Rehabilitation based at Wycombe Leisure Centre


Unsung Hero of the Year:  Denise Knibbs – Alfriston School, Beaconsfield


Performance Coach of the Year:  Kevin Brooks – Wycombe District Swimming Club



We also interviewed the special guests for the evening


Sophie Christiansen

Sophie was born two months prematurely with cerebral palsy but has overcome this disability to become a top Dressage rider and winner of 8 Paralympic gold medals. She was inducted into the Bucks & Milton Keynes Sporting Hall of Fame


Greg Rutherford

Olympic Long Jump Gold medalist at London 2012, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year. Keith interviewed him at the end of a busy evening after he had been in several photos with guests.


Aaron Phipps

Aaron has had the most extraordinary career after nearly dying in his teenage years. Listen to the whole of his interview with Keith and marvel at how he has overcome the most severe disability and how he became the first disabled person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro …..unaided.



© Ross Holkham Photography