Young Carers Action Day

To celebrate Young Carers Action Day on Wednesday 16 March, 3 young people, Daisy, Dawn & Ella, took over the Afternoon Show. The aim was to get their voices heard both across the county but also to a wider audience.

Working with the show’s presenter, Keith Higgins, they had spent a number of weeks planning the show’s running order, choosing most of the music and selecting the topics for the show.

For the first hour, Keith spoke to Marie-Louise Morley, a Support Worker for Carers Bucks, about how the idea for taking over a radio show came about. Keith then spoke to Dawn, Daisy & Ella to find out more about the caring they do and the issues facing them as young carers and as a cared for person.

The second hour explored 2 key issues affecting young carers. Dawn & Ella had spoken to Sarah Green. MP for Chesham & Amersham earlier in the day and we played her responses to their questions. Many thanks to Sarah & her PA Nicola for arranging this. We also had Dawn interviewing ML & a GP

The final hour started with Dawn interviewing Becca, who had been ‘through the young caring system’ on her experiences. We then showcased the talents of our 3 young people – Ella spoke about gaming, Dawn about her artwork and Daisy sang live on air her version of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’. The show finished with a celebration of what they had achieved and that they had taken some action to highlight awareness of the issues affecting young carers.

After the show, Marie Louise said “Dawn, Daisy & Ella will never forget the magic of producing and hosting a live radio programme – not to mention the opportunity to have their voices truly heard about some of the many challenges faced by young carers and young adult carers.”

Wycombe Sound thanks Sarah Green MP, Carers Bucks, the John Lewis Foundation & Building Futures for their support for this project, showing the power of community radio.