Wycombe Sound Turns 6

6 Years of Wycombe Sound on 106.6fm

And just like that, the first year of our second licence is finished. 

What a year it has been, the return of the Christmas Lights Switch On, Wycombe Wanderers at Wembley, Monopoly, more competitions than ever before and a theatre load of tickets given away with Wycombe Swan. Plus, the launch of live Chairboys commentaries, the support of local people and businesses in response to the war in Ukraine, and the passing of Her Majesty the Queen… 

Quite a year! 

“Yes but how many people listen to Wycombe Sound?” –  A question we get asked a lot 

The last 12 months have been our most streamed period since we started on 106.6fm 6 years ago. 

Sadly, for us and many community radio stations up and down the country, we have no idea really how many people are listening; while we can tell how many are listening online at any given point, this is only part of the audience and doesn’t give a true figure as one stream could be 7 people. 

For anyone reading who’s in marketing and is asking (as we get asked on a regular basis) what about RAJAR? 

RAJAR is the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, and for us to find out we would have to pay them £38,000… unsurprisingly, we don’t have that. 

But what we do have is every monthly online figure from the last 6 years and the last 12 months are the highest! 

Adverting, sponsorship and maybe donations…. 

We probably aren’t the best at shouting this but we are a not-for-profit community interest company, so all the money we get goes straight back into keeping the station on the air and paying the ever-increasing bills. 

So, thank you to all the businesses who have advertised and supported the station, as it is very much appreciated! 

And if you’re reading this thinking you would like to advertise or sponsor with us then send us an email! (advertising@wycombesound.org.uk

Something we’ve thought about doing for a while now is adding a donation button to the website like many other stations have across the UK. If we do, we won’t be shouting down your throats about it but if you’ve been on the station recently and have enjoyed talking with the team or maybe you just fancy helping to buy the next bag of tea or jar of coffee (you are our favourites) then thank you in advance. 

Team WycSo 

If you’re a long-time listener to the station then you will know that lots of the voices you hear on the station have been around since day 1, and some are no longer with the station. Every single person who has volunteered at Wycombe Sound has massively contributed to the station and we wouldn’t be here without them. 

So, as always, thank you Team WycSo. 

You, reading this 

If you’ve shared one of our posts on social media, phoned us to report something happening on the roads or if you’ve been listening (for 6 years or 6 minutes) then thank you! 

We hope we’ve kept you engaged, enthused, informed and entertained like we set out to do in the beginning. 

Please tell us what you like, don’t like, want to hear more or less of. (feedback@wycombesound.org.uk)

This is your local radio station, made in Wycombe. 

The next 12 months

After the last 12 months, who knows! What we do know is there is still loads more to come in 2022, as we continue to follow the Chairboys and Chairgirls, The Christmas Light Switch on, panto season and lots more. 

If you’ve got this far then thank you and as always thanks for listening. 

Here’s to the next year!